Carpet & Fabric

Fabric protection is beneficial in more ways than you know! Not only does fabric protection create an invisible shield around each fiber to keep dirt, dust, and liquids from settling helping you and our technicians remove stains easier but it also helps with wicking! Wicking is when a stain has already reached the backing or padding of the carpet. Once the stain surfaces yes, a steam cleaner can remove the surface stain but the stain naturally works its way back up trying to rid itself from the bottom up. Fabric protection can stop this process also. So, whether your carpets are in great shape and need to stay that way or if they got a few stains that need to be removed for good protection is recommend for your carpets and area rugs! The same goes for any upholstery fabrics! Protecting your upholstery can determine how new and clean it stains in the long run!

Joey M.
Very professional, on time and courteous. I had this company clean my couches and they did a fantastic job. I would recommend them for any of your cleaning needs!
Christy C.
Amazing people! Trustworthy and reliable!! I would highly recommend them!
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