Deodorization and odor removal

Deodorization and odor removal company

Looking for a top-notch odor removal company that provides trustworthy professional deodorization services? Captain Steamer is ready to offer a perfect solution for you! There is no doubt that pet urine, cigarette smoke, or some water damage situations can cause a musty smell in your home or business. The first step that people usually make in these situations is a deep thorough cleaning but, generally, it is not enough to remove the tough odors. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about because Captain Steamer knows the remedy to keeping your home staying clean and fresh for a long time. First, it is necessary to identify the cause of the unpleasant odor and determine the conditions in which it contacts any surfaces, after that, the odor can be removed without a trace. The fact is the offensive odors can come from a variety of sources. For example, smoke odors from a fireplace that grows out of control which can leave a powerful charred smell. As for different water damage situations such as toilet overflows or sewage backups, they usually lead to a mildew smell from wet building materials. If we are talking about tobacco smoke odors caused by people smoking cigarettes in their homes, it is important to note that such smells tend to spread throughout the entire structure so it may be quite difficult to remove them. A variety of different animal odors, like pet urine and feces can range in severity and causes. The most disgusting thing about these odors is they can penetrate deep into fabrics, walls, carpet, and subfloors so that it becomes quite complicated to eliminate them. For all these cases, Captain Steamer offers a wide range of high-quality odor removal techniques that can eliminate any unwanted smells in your house. Our odor removaling company can guarantee you the results of the high-quality services that we provide. It will blow you away because all our technicians are trained and certified with all industry standards solutions. Our team is part of our South West Florida community that takes pride in its work and customer service. Moreover, our professional cleaning system provides us with the power and technology to offer our customers the best odor removal services in the industry. During deodorization, we can use our own water and electricity and also work with high risers, that’s why our odor removal company can do all manner of cleaning jobs, from home to commercial.

Below you will find a list of various smells that can be totally removed and eliminated by Captain Steamer:  

  • Smoke odor removal
  • Cigarette odors
  • Fire smoke odor removal
  • Mold odor removal
  • Mildew odor remover
  • Pet odor removal
  • Animal urine odor
  • Human urine odor
  • Bad smell
  • Garbage smell

Odor removal techniques

If you want to keep a clean and healthy home at a reasonable price, choose Captain Steamer — a Florida-based company that provides a wide variety of efficient odor removal techniques that are affordable. Using them we can totally eliminate any unpleasant musty smells in your house or business as well as to freshen up the air in your rooms, that's why we can assure you that you will definitely be satisfied with the result of our professional deodorization services.

We provided a list below where you can learn what kind of odor removal techniques Captain Steamer generally uses for deodorization:

  • Deodorizer
  • Enzyme Treatment
  • Fogging
  • Ozone Generator
  • Chlorine Dioxide

Get in touch with us to know more details about our odor removal services and we will certainly answer any questions that you may have!  

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They did a great job restoring my Terrazzo floors. Removed the stains and brought back the shine. Excellent service. Technician was on time and very professional. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs floors cleaned. Happy customer.
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"If you are trying to find a carpet cleaner at a very reasonable price look no further. They're good people and will take care of you. I brought them my carpet out of my '96 dodge 3500 and they did a fantastic professional job. I highly recommend them over other ridiculously priced companies."
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