Pet urine, cigarette smoke, water issues and life in general can cause unwanted odors in your home or business. The first step to removing odors is a deep thorough cleaning but in some situations that may not always be enough to remove the tough odors. Captain Steamer offers a wide range of odor removal techniques.


*Enzyme Treatments


*Ozone Generator

*Chlorine Dioxide

Give us a call to discuss your odor issues and let us help you decide what would be beneficial to your situation.

Brian DeStout
"Kyle and his staff are amazing. I moved into a duplex that had pigs living in it before I moved in.....yes pigs. It smelled like a zoo and he came in with his Magic to fix the problem personally. Thank you Captain Steamer for making my place not smell like a zoo."
Marlin Schmidt
"If you are trying to find a carpet cleaner at a very reasonable price look no further. They're good people and will take care of you. I brought them my carpet out of my '96 dodge 3500 and they did a fantastic professional job. I highly recommend them over other ridiculously priced companies."
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