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Upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning

There is no doubt that you may often feel the need for upholstery cleaning in your home or office because generally the formation of stain and dirt is not confined to the carpet. Since Captain Steamer can meet all your cleaning needs, there is nothing to worry about! Our technicians training goes beyond just carpet cleaning. We are happy to offer you the high-quality service of furniture cleaning — the best solution for those who want to make their favorite sofa, couch, chair and other furniture looking as good as new. Whether you need to remove pet stains, suntan or sunscreen oils, wear patterns and mattress marks from you furniture, Captain Steamer is here to provide you with professional upholstery cleaning services. You will be amazed by the efficient work of our knowledgeable and highly-trained team of experts that uses the best stain remover techniques for even difficult cases of dirt formation. All our technicians are part of our South West Florida community and take pride in their work and customer satisfaction! Generally, during furniture cleaning, they work using our own water and electricity as well as working with high risers. That’s why Captain Steamer can do all manner of cleaning jobs, from home to commercial.

Upholstery cleaning services

Captain Steamer is a Florida-based company offering a wide variety of professional upholstery cleaning services that will be safe for your children and pets due to steam which is used as a major component when cleaning furniture. If you are looking for a leather upholstery cleaner or suede couch cleaner, Captain Steamer is a perfect choice for you because we also specialize in efficient stain removing techniques for furniture made from leather and suede. Moreover, our company provides services for mattress cleaning and furniture made from microfiber. So if you feel the need in cleaning microfiber couch in your home or office, you can choose Captain Steamer to fix this problem. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, and respiratory-related health conditions, professional cleaning services can help to eliminate the buildup of dirt, dander, and dust. We can assure you that all of our customers are always satisfied with the result of these upholstery cleaning services.

Examples Of Our Upholstery cleaning Services

Captain Steamer offers a variety of upholstery cleaning services for different kinds of furniture. Here you will find some examples of what upholstery cleaning services you can order at Captain Steamer:

  • All Upholstered Furnishings
  • Patio Upholstery
  • Leather Upholstery
  • On The Wall Drapery Cleaning
  • All Size Mattresses
  • Car Seats & Interior
  • Office Furniture
  • Fabric Walls & Office Cubicles

Furniture cleaning

Captain Steamer is focused on furniture cleaning with the use of steam because it is the best solution for the deep stain removal of fine fabric or leather furniture. If you are looking for a professional furniture steam cleaner, Captain Steamer is here for you! The use of vapor allows us to clean your furniture in an organic way with safety for your pets and children. Having your upholstery steam cleaned will restore your furniture to a near-new state while removing stains and marks. Our furniture cleaning service is a perfect choice for those who want to wash their favorite leather sofa or chair in the office because our highly-trained technicians are also specialized in professional office furniture cleaning. Choose Captain Steamer to provide the care and maintenance for your furnishings so you can keep a clean and healthy home affordably. If you have any questions, contact us and we will give you more details about furniture cleaning and trustworthy service that we offer.

Joey M.
Very professional, on time and courteous. I had this company clean my couches and they did a fantastic job. I would recommend them for any of your cleaning needs!
Brian DeStout
"Kyle and his staff are amazing. I moved into a duplex that had pigs living in it before I moved in.....yes pigs. It smelled like a zoo and he came in with his Magic to fix the problem personally. Thank you Captain Steamer for making my place not smell like a zoo."
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